About Gestalt

Gestalt is a German word meaning 'whole' or 'complete'. In Gestalt Therapy the thinking mind, the felt emotions and the physical body - with all of its senses - are regarded as equal parts of a living whole - shaped by the people, places and events around it.

While we all have the natural ability to overcome events that threaten us (such as traumas, negative ideas or harmful situations) this self-regulating process can sometimes become blocked. We feel stuck, frustrated or even overwhelmed by our emotions: lacking the energy or resources to move on.

Through the careful exploration of difficult thoughts and feelings, Gestalt Therapy can help you reclaim lost aspects of your self. When the energy formerly used to suppress parts of yourself is released you are able to access all of your internal resources. You can then grow in self-awareness and insight.

While the significance of how the past has shaped your present is recognised in Gestalt how you think, feel and behave now is seen as more important.